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M&R has prepared and distributed the following article about storm preparedness for machinery.  
Also look below for special instructions for i-Image machines.
How Do You Prepare Your M&R Equipment from a Storm

Hurricane/Storm preparedness does not end at home, we often overlook our business and respective workplace. The well-being of you and your family should be priority, but if time permits, it is important to take proactive steps in preparing for unpredictable storms and other disasters. When a storm is approaching, make sure to follow these basic suggestions.

  • Document all your equipment and related assets.
  • Take pictures and catalog your equipment and all relevant assets.
  • Document and record your serial numbers, model numbers, log your equipment counters if applicable.
  • Gather all press related documentation for future reference or for a potential claim purpose.
  • Equipment manuals, Schematics, Maintenance Records.
  • Equipment invoices, receipts, all relevant purchase documentation.

Protect Your Equipment

  • Anchor and brace your equipment to the best of your ability.
  • Relocate your ancillary equipment (Flashes, Exposure Machines, Ez-Preps, etc...) to higher ground or different location if at all possible to avoid water damage.
  • Secure electronics or physically remove computers such as those on I-Images and M-Links. (back up settings and parameters if possible)
  • Safely store, or relocate spare parts or critical components from your spare parts inventory. These items may be needed and critical to recommission your equipment.

Cover Your Equipment (If Possible)

Make sure to shut power and gas supplies to your equipment, as well as shutting incoming power and gas/propane connections before covering and securing equipment with tarps.

Protect Your System from A Power Surge

Shut power off to all your equipment as soon as possible, turn off all the related breakers at the source of your power distribution panel. However, ask for a professional’s help if you are not comfortable doing so.

After the Storm Check for Damage

Important! Do Not attempt to clean your equipment prior to contacting your insurance company, it is important to preserve the condition of the equipment in its original state after the event. The evaluating professional needs to determine the level of exposure and, if applicable, water levels the equipment was exposed to. Cleaning the equipment will erase some of these critical clues needed for an accurate equipment evaluation. Do not attempt to repair the equipment without consulting with a service professional. Trying to start equipment improperly after it has been exposed to water, fire, debris, or any other devastating event may result in further damage to your equipment. After the storm has passed inspect your equipment for damage, do not turn your equipment on! Call Service Experts at M&R to assist with the process of bringing your equipment back online. If you are working with your insurance agent have them contact M&R and we will work with them directly to expedite the claims process to the best of our ability.

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the M&R Service Dept at 800-483-8765 or any of us at Roeder Industries.

Instructions for i-Image Machine Shut Down

The following are a few steps on preparing a I-image for a big storm where extended power outages could occur or if the machine has to be down for an extended period of time. 

  • On the small LCD screen on the actual I-image itself there is a menu button once you press it find the following options. 
  • Use the down arrow key to find maintenance then press right arrow key.
  • Find the cap maintain on key and press the enter key on the center of the arrow pad. 
  • This will shift the head over and retract the Wiper tray so the caps will be exposed.
  • Fill the caps with flushing solution then turn cap maintain off in the same menu.
  • Once the head has shifted back over the station go to the printer control screen on the computer and click on manual clean which will open a side menu.
  • Select cap on and the machine will wet cap the print head.
  • After the head is capped flip the valves above the print head all the way up

In case power does go out it will help keep the ink in the print head by creating a vacuum in the line. There is no need to turn the power to the machine off as the heads will regulate there internal temperature but if power failure does happen the machine is now wet capped properly to avoid fluid loss in the print heads. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the M&R Service Dept at 800-483-8765 or any of us at Roeder Industries at 407-722-8700.
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